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Recently Married?

Congratulations on your new path together and the new responsibilities that it brings. If the honeymoon period is over and you have yet to draw up your Wills, now may well be a good time to do so to ensure peace of mind for the future.
This may seem a little daunting, but it need not be. You do not need to own your own home, or have children, to benefit from having a Will drawn up.


Once a divorce has become absolute, then any Will which has been in place becomes null and void. Therefore it is important to have another Will drawn up and you may wish to alter your Executors/Trustees, your beneficiaries, and any guardians for your minor children.

Children & Guardians

In the unlikely event that your child/children should lose both parents, how would they cope? To be loved and nurtured, both emotionally and physically, by people who really care for them, who love them and who understand them would be paramount. Unless Guardian/s, whom you feel would be happy to fill this important role, have been officially appointed, then The State will make that decision. In order for you to know you have done your best for your offspring, then writing a Will and putting a Guardian in place, will bring you peace of mind for all your family.

Changing Your Wills

We would recommend that you revisit your Will every 3 or 4 years to consider whether any changes need to be made. Maybe your children are now adults with a family of their own. You may now wish to include your grandchildren so that they know they have been remembered. Are your Executors/Trustees still the people you would choose to trust with your estate? Would you still choose the same beneficiaries? Your social circle has probably changed somewhat. Does this make a difference to your Will?

What We Offer

Independent Wills offers you a confidential, professional service and a legally valid Will, starting from only £145.

We visit you at your home to discuss your needs, for the draft copy and to witness the official signing of your Will.

By providing this service, you will be saving valuable time and money, which you would spend visiting a Solicitor’s office several times during normal office hours thus taking time out of your busy working schedule.

Reasons for needing a Will

  • To provide for your family as you would wish.
  • So that minor children have a guardian appointed to care for and nurture them as you would wish.  Otherwise, The State will make that decision for you.
  • To ensure that your property and possessions are distributed as you would wish.
  • If you run a business, to ensure that your family are able to obtain an income from it if they so wish.
  • To have an Executor/Trustee whom you trust rather than pay expensive legal fees.

and why you may need to change your Will

  • If you have recently married, to provide for your wife or husband.
  • If you now have children, they need guardians in place.
  • You now have grandchildren and you would like to remember them.
  • If you are now divorced but still have responsibilities to children.
  • If you need to change your Executor/Trustee(s).
  • If you need to change your beneficiaries.

Client Testimonials

  • Janet Goodwin
    Having put off making a will for many years, I would like to say a huge thank you to Theresa for making the process so straightforward, easy and quick. By coming to the house and asking a few questions, talking through worries I had, it was a painless activity. Very soon, I was signing a beautifully bound will and knowing that I can put it away and forget about it. A big weight has been taken off my shoulders.
    Janet Goodwin
  • Sharon Buxton
    My husband and I made a Will before we married 10 years ago, but it needed to be changed drastically, with the addition of children to our family. I was horrified at the cost of rewriting it with our solicitors and was very pleasantly surprised with Theresa's quote for the same service offered. Theresa had been recommended and I instantly warmed to her and felt comfortable sharing our personal information. The process was not as complicated as I had thought, and after a couple of calls and a visit, it was all arranged and we have peace of mind for our family. It is not often I receive great service anymore, however, I would definitely recommend Theresa and will use her again should we need to make any amendments.
    Sharon Buxton
  • Sue Marsh
    I am a consultant for Captain Tortue (Ladies French fashion) and Theresa was hosting a show for me with a few friends. I happened to mention that I had put a note on my fridge at the beginning of the year saying "Get wills done!", and we were now in May! At the end of the evening we discussed how my husband and I wanted our wills written, this was followed by one or two emails and we met up the following week to get the wills signed and witnessed. All very simple and stress-free! I would definitely recommend Theresa - this was something we had put off for years and she made the process so easy!
    Sue Marsh

About Us

Julia has worked as a professional Will Writer for more than 20 years, gaining much experience, with a greatly varied clientele.

Julia lives in Cornwall and is married with children and grandchildren.

Theresa was living in Cornwall when she met Julia who then went on to train her in taking clients’ instructions.

Knowing that Julia will always do her best for clients, Theresa has great respect for her work ethic and knows that they are offering clients a great, cost-effective service helping them draw up their Wills. Theresa has family in Hampshire, where she lives.

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